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In our guided tours we practice “CATCH AND RELEASE”, so all the fishes can continue their lives after photoshoot. We treat Fish and Nature with respect.

Pike fishing in Latvia


Pike in our opinion are the most exciting fresh water sport fish found in Latvian waters. They are super aggressive and grow very big. Pikes are often referred to as the freshwater shark, they have an impressive array of dentistry possessing over 600 sharp teeth! This species has no fear and will readily hit your lure with bad intentions literally centimiters away from you. They fight hard often clearing the water and tail walking across the waters surface. Pike give the most heart stopping visual takes of any freshwater fish we have encountered.


The zander has a long and muscular body which bears some resemblance to a Northern pike (Esox lucius), hence the alternative English common name of pikeperch. The upper part of its body is green-brown in colour and this extends onto the sides as dark vertical bars, in a pattern not dissimilar to that of the European perch (Perca fluviatilis) while the lower part of the body is creamy-white. They have powerful jaws which are armed with many sharp teeth with two long canines in the front of each jaw. They have large bulbous eyes which are opaque when the fish is living in particularly turbid conditions, an adaptation to low light.

Zander fishing in Latvia
Perch fishing in Latvia


The Perch are a predatory species but unlike the Pike tend to reside in shoals, once these shoals are located great sport can be had with light lure fishing tackle. Arguably one the most beautiful fresh water species found in our waters the Perch has stunning markings, bright red fins, tiger striped flanks and a spiky dorsal fin. The Perch is pretty much the Latvian answer to Bass.


Catfish thrive in rivers and lakes – they have exceptional smell and taste capabilities, being able to detect minute traces of scents down to the parts-per-billion level. Catfish also have good vision in clear water and can hear well, and can detect vibrations using their lateral line sense.To succeed in catfishing, sometimes it helps to understand their seasonal movements and habitat preferences. In larger rivers, channel catfish live around wing dams and other structures like bridge abutments and barge mooring areas that break up current and create habitat diversity. Don’t overlook areas with logjams, too.

Catfish fishing in Latvia
Cod fishing in Latvia

Cod – only seasonal

Cod – only seasonal fishing in the Baltic Sea, when the Sea winds allows it. Very interesting to catch those strong and aggressive fishes from the boat using drop-shot or jigging methods