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Professional Fishing Guide & Athlete Mārtiņš Iskrovs

Greetings, my name is Mārtiņš Iskrovs and I am a professional athlete in the fishing sport category “Spinning from the boats”.

I have been fishing for as long as I can remember myself, but I started participating in the sport 5 years ago. In the 2023 on LMSF (Latvian Fishing Sports Federation) ranking, I ended the year in the 3rd place in Latvia, in the category “Spinning from the boats”.

I am also a coach, mentor and captain in the “Youth Spinning Championships from the boats”, where with my supervising  the team has been the absolute champions of Latvia for 2 years in a row. 1st place in 2022 and 1st place in 2023 year. I know that I will properly prepare my students this year as well.

I participate in fishing shows with fishing and cooking and also participate in podcasts. I have given interviews several times in several fishing magazines. I use to organize fishing tournaments – the best known is:

I have obtained an international recreational boat driver’s license and can navigate all waters of the world in a 24m watercraft. In addition, I have a sports trainer’s certificate, I have also passed the BE category to be able to move large boats and yawns as well.

In 2023, I tried guiding and I liked it very much, so I decided to continue this matter in a different quality.  I admire to create positive emotions for other people in nature.

Zander fishing in Latvia

What I do

  • Professional athlete specializing in “Spinning from the boats” fishing sport.
  • Achieved 3rd place in the 2023 LMSF ranking in Latvia.
  • Coach, mentor, and captain in the “Youth Spinning Championships from the boats”, leading the team to consecutive Latvian championships in 2022 and 2023.
  • Participates in fishing shows, cooking demonstrations, podcasts, and interviews for fishing magazines.
  • Organizes fishing tournaments, notably the H2H Fish tournament.
  • There is an international recreational boat driver’s license that allows you to drive all types of watercraft up to 24 m in all waters of the world. There is also a sports trainer category C certificate.
  • Experienced guide, passionate about creating positive experiences for others in nature.